Introducing the 2014.5 Dyna Low Rider and Sportster 1200T Superlow Motorcycles

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After 35 years without a bike, I recently purchased a vintage Kawasaki, just like I had back then. Before I even had a chance to ride it, I was driving through Woodstock one day, and had some time to spare, so I stopped in to see if I could learn what the “Harley” hype was all about. Not at all interested in another bike, but just wanting to see why this culture was so intriguing.

There was never a question that the Kaw was the right purchase, as it brings back many memories, of days gone by.

I was quite impressed to see the selection of bikes in the showroom. As soon as I walked in, looked to the left, and to the right, and 3 bikes down was a Sportster Nightster, like no Harley I had ever seen before. The dealer customized machine held to the “cafe racer” styling of the 40 year old Kawasaki that I just bought. I didn’t get any farther. I was approached by Gene Lambert, who rather than being a “salesman,” seemed to be more of a friend & consultant. I asked about the “Harley” addiction, and he explained the following of this brand, & diversity of owners, from all walks of life, and how the bikes give them all something in common.

As I expressed some interest in the Nightster, Gene made the comment that “the bikes pick the owners.” Still, with no intention of buying another bike, the more I visited with Gene, he really made me feel comfortable, just learning more about the culture.

My first visit was on a Thursday, and as he said he would, Gene sent me an email, thanking me for taking the time to stop by. After visiting the website, reading testimonials, and looking at his “Facebook” page, my interest seemed to spike. The one sign I read on Saturday night pretty much made my mind up. It says “The only thing better that a motorcycle…….is two motorcycles!!!” I made the trip from Dixon to Woodstock that following Sunday afternoon, and came home as a proud owner of the Sportster that I had discovered, just 3 days earlier.

First impressions are usually the most accurate, and I was thoroughly impressed with the way I was treated by Gene, and everyone else at the dealership. Everybody went well out of their way to make sure that I was taken care of, and all of my expectations were met.

I’m looking forward to being a part of the Harley Davidson family, and happy to say that I stopped at Woodstock, and met Gene, who helped me into that part of my life. I can highly recommend that anyone shopping for bikes, or just wanting to learn about the culture, contact Gene Lambert at Woodstock Harley Davidson.

By: Gary Morris – Dixon, IL